Our Music Supervisors & Sync Agents Work With...

Are You Tired Of Pitching Your Music
and Not Getting a Response?


Have You Ever Been Told That Your Music Belongs in Film & TV?

How about a Movie Trailer or Commercial?


...To Do That, It Needs To Be Heard By a "Music Supervisor"

or a "Sync Agent"


But How Can You Get Their Attention?

 Truth is it is VERY Hard to get their attention.

They Are S
imply Too Busy.

They Work With T
rustworthy, Reliable Sources They Have Known For Years.


How Do I Know That?

Because I am a Sync Agent & a Music Supervisor.

I've licensed over 10,000 songs from hundreds of Songwriters, Producers & Artists for Films, TV Shows, Ads & Trailers and here's the thing...


I am just like you.

I didn't have much money growing up.

That's why it was important for me to choose a career path that I enjoyed that would pay the bills.

So, I studied hard, majored in TV Production and went to work for CNN.

It was a good job with a steady paycheck.

But my passion was music.

For years, I did everything in my power to achieve my dream of "making it" in the music industry.

In my mind, that meant being a live performing / touring artist, signed to a recording contract....

And it was a struggle.

Does This Sound Familiar?

That all changed when I did my first music license.

My first license was for a theme song for CNN's "Nancy Grace"...

It earned $30,000 in royalties in one quarter!

Until that moment, I had no idea that I could have a lifelong music career by licensing my songs.


I Quit My Job and Moved To Los Angeles...

where I committed myself wholeheartedly to landing more licenses, meeting with and getting to know Music Supervisors around town...

In 2008, I landed a placement in HBO's True Blood!

That Is When Everything Changed. 

Over the next 4 years...

My income DOUBLED every year!

Since then, I have secured multiple
6 Figure Licenses 
and have become an established

Music Supervisor and Music Licensing Expert...

and have since grossed over $1.75M in license fees & over $500k in royalties.

Our Artists' Music Have Been In Featured Projects Like...

And I've Been Entrusted To Choose Music For Studios & Production Companies such as Focus Features, HBO Max, Netflix and more...

I am fortunate to have had an inside look at the music industry

through multiple perspectives...


...as a Music Publisher, Music Supervisor, Producer, Artist, Songwriter & Composer.


I thought the dream was being signed to a Record Label and Touring...


...But I Was Wrong.


The real dream was having creative freedom, and now that I have achieved that...


I've made it my mission to be of service to artists just like you.


I want to help you overcome the struggles I went through and coach you on how to do what I've done...


in a shorter amount of time!

That's Why I Created

During These Private Events, You Will:

  • Get Your Song Reviewed by and Hang Out With a Guest Music Supervisor or Sync Agent.

  • Build Your Network and Get YOUR Music Licensed!

  • Identify & Understand Any Changes You Need to Make To Your Song Undeniable

  • Find Out Exactly What The Music Supervisors or Sync Agents Are Listening For

  • Further Develop Your Critical Listening Skills By Learning From The Pros

These are Limited Capacity.

First Come, First Served.

Past Guests Include:


During a "Next Level Listening Session", Doug met with a Music Supervisor who is interested in having him possibly score one of her projects for one of the top fashion brands in the World! 

Watch the video to hear directly from Doug!


Take Action and Join Today!

Get Your Song Reviewed Live by Music Supervisors & Sync Agents!
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Listening Session + Virtual Hang

$100 ea.

Next Level Listening Session Tickets

Limited Capacity:
20 Per Session

Attendance Is On a First Come, First Served Basis. 

Please note, the calendar/times below should automatically adapt to your time zone (but we've indicated the time zones next to their names just in case).