Our Music Supervisors Work For...

Are You Tired Of Pitching Your Music
and Not Getting a Response?


Have You Ever Been Told That Your Music Belongs in Film & TV?

How about a Movie Trailer or Commercial?


...To Do That, It Needs To Be Heard By a "Music Supervisor"

or a "Sync Agent"


But How Can You Get Their Attention?

 Truth is it is VERY Hard to get their attention.

They Are S
imply Too Busy.

They Work With T
rustworthy, Reliable Sources They Have Known For Years.


How Do I Know That?

Because I am a Sync Agent & a Music Supervisor.

I've licensed over 10,000 songs from hundreds of Songwriters, Producers & Artists for Films, TV Shows, Ads & Trailers and here's the thing...


I am just like you.

I didn't have much money growing up.

That's why it was important for me to choose a career path that I enjoyed that would pay the bills.

So, I studied hard, majored in TV Production and went to work for CNN.

It was a good job with a steady paycheck.

But my passion was music.

For years, I did everything in my power to achieve my dream of "making it" in the music industry.

In my mind, that meant being a live performing / touring artist, signed to a recording contract....

And it was a struggle.

Does This Sound Familiar?

That all changed when I did my first music license.

My first license was for a theme song for CNN's "Nancy Grace"...

It earned $30,000 in royalties in one quarter!

Until that moment, I had no idea that I could have a lifelong music career by licensing my songs.


I Quit My Job and Moved To Los Angeles...

where I committed myself wholeheartedly to landing more licenses, meeting with and getting to know Music Supervisors around town...

In 2008, I landed a placement in HBO's True Blood!

That Is When Everything Changed. 

Over the next 4 years...

My income DOUBLED every year!

Since then, I have secured multiple
6 Figure Licenses 
and have become an established

Music Supervisor and Music Licensing Expert...

and have since grossed over $1.75M in license fees & over $500k in royalties.

Our Artists' Music Have Been In Featured Projects Like...

And I've Been Entrusted To Choose Music For Studios & Production Companies such as Focus Features, HBO Max, Netflix and more...

I am fortunate to have had an inside look at the music industry

through multiple perspectives...


...as a Music Publisher, Music Supervisor, Producer, Artist, Songwriter & Composer.


I thought the dream was being signed to a Record Label and Touring...


...But I Was Wrong.


The real dream was having creative freedom, and now that I have achieved that...


I've made it my mission to be of service to artists just like you.


I want to help you overcome the struggles I went through and coach you on how to do what I've done...


in a shorter amount of time!

That's Why I Created

During These Private Events, You Will:

  • Get Your Song Reviewed by and Hang Out With a Guest Music Supervisor or Sync Agent.

  • Build Your Network and Get YOUR Music Licensed!

  • Identify & Understand Any Changes You Need to Make To Your Song

  • Find Out Exactly What The Music Supervisors or Sync Agents Are Listening For

  • Further Develop Your Critical Listening Skills By Learning From The Pros

These are Limited Capacity.

First Come, First Served.

Past Guests Include:


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Listening Session + Virtual Hang

$100 ea.

Next Level Listening Session Tickets

Limited Capacity:
20 Per Session

Attendance Is On a First Come, First Served Basis. 

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