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"Learning how a Music Supervisor thinks, operates and approaches their work directly from a Music Supervisor was such a valuable experience for me and I’d highly recommend this course a career in sync licensing."

-Drew Henmi, Artist

"Being able to see “behind the curtain” has really helped me understand the full process of sync licensing.  Without this course, that would have taken me years to understand.  I now feel like I’m prepared and have an upper hand in the sync world!  This course is truly invaluable!"

- Iris Bonet, Artist, Vocalist

"I’m so glad I took this course! I now know what NOT to say to a music supervisor so they say YES to licensing my music! The course taught me who are the best people to contact, plus all the deals and contracts involved so I’m completely prepared and ready to get my music licensed."

-Theo Seidmon, Producer

“Jody’s Masterclass is a must for musicians looking to learn how to be successful in music licensing.  This course is a practical roadmap that will give you the knowledge and tools to pitch and place your music. So enlightening and highly recommended!”

-Robert Guess, Singer-Songwriter