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How To Become a Music Supervisor

Jan 11, 2022

Being a music supervisor isn't all that it seems - I go over what it takes to become a music supervisor and whether it's the right career path for you.

What does a Music Supervisor do and why are music supervisors in such high demand? What do music supervisors have in common and what are their responsibilities in licensing music for Film and TV? Being a good music supervisor requires passion and knowledge about music, a deep understanding of music publishing and synchronization and the ability to maintain and nurture relationships with artists, directors, producers and editors and many more. On this podcast, I cover what it takes to become a music supervisor, share my experience as a music supervisor to help you determine whether it's the right career path for you.

Jody Friedman is a Music Supervisor for Film, TV and Ads. In 2020, he made it his mission to be of service to indie artists and launched License Your Music coaching program on how to license your music for Film, TV, Ads and Trailers. Listen to Episode 31 of License Your Music with Jody Friedman.

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