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How to Overcome Your Fears: Part 3

Feb 24, 2021
Jody Friedman talks about how to overcome fear and License Your Music

This week, we will dive deeper into the fears that we share and introduce 'Fear #3', but before we move on, take a minute to reflect on last week's post.

Did you write down tasks that you viewed as insurmountable and were you able to break them down into smaller tasks that you can accomplish? After doing that, were you able to observe that how you view things, is important and that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING you set your mind to?

This is another important step in the process because you need to have the skill of breaking down big tasks, into smaller achievable tasks, to move forward.

Fear is by far the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of us doing what we want to do in our life. Fear that we're not good enough, fear that we don't have what it takes, fear that we'll slip back into old habits, and fear that we won't be able to adapt to change. Today, we'll be discussing the #3 fear that I found to be the most pertinent to artists and creators when it comes to licensing their music.

Fear #3: Our Inability to Compete

The third fear that I've found that not only artists, creators, my colleagues, but even I have dealt with myself, is our inability to compete. It can be terrifying to consider competing with major professionals in the industry that have success and think, "There's no way that my music will ever be as good as that artist in that major label".

Our fear that we are not capable of competing on a professional level is complete nonsense.

You absolutely can compete on a professional level.  Everyone starts at the starting line and everyone is capable of learning to succeed.

In my experience...

I didn't think I was capable of being a hands-on producer. I knew that I could Executive Produce and oversee projects, because of my experience and my skillset of communicating different ideas, but being a hands-on producer was so intimidating to me. I genuinely didn't think that I could compete on that level. However, once I started diving into it and learning it, I found that I really enjoyed it! It just came to be that naturally, I would start producing my own materials. I'm not the best at it and I still have a lot to learn, but it's all accessible and achievable (thanks to the internet)!

It seemed so hard to compete with the big players in the music industry before the digital age. If you weren't discovered at a nightclub, then signed to a record label, then you probably wouldn't make it. After that, they might have you sign a songwriting deal, give you an advance to cover your living expenses, give you access to their studios, use all the gear available and set you up with big players. That's how I think it used to be. However, the amazing thing about the world we live in today is that the playing field has really been leveled.

It is so possible to compete with other professional players, writers, producers that you hear on the radio, TV shows, films, ads, and trailers.  There are many courses you can take, where you can learn how to play the violin, record vocals, mix & master, and many other options that can bring you up to speed in whatever you want to learn. You have the same access they (the big players) have. It's just about taking that step to learning something and applying yourself to it.

When it comes to Licensing Your Music...

There is a way that you too can compete with the majors in the industry. Going independent does mean that you have to work hard, be open to feedback, and learn as much as you can from all parts of the industry. I offer a masterclass on this website that can really teach you about the basics of being independent and who to research for, how to get your music where it needs to be, and how you should go about licensing your music, overall!

With Licensing, I had to go through a lot of trial and error, asking questions, doing research, and intimidation from the big players, but you don't have to!  My Music Licensing Masterclass, will give you the business confidence needed to succeed in Licensing Your Music. And in Music Licensing, independent artists can not only succeed, but thrive! 

Join me in learning how to make a passive income from your music!


Solution to Fear #3:   Understanding that we are in the Digital Age and that you can successfully compete with big players in the industry because the playing field has been leveled for you. You have access to the internet, 'how to' videos, and my Music Licensing Masterclass. Things aren't the way they were before. There are big independent names, like, "Macklemore, Rapsody, E-40, and Chance The Rapper", that have made it on their own and love their craft. You can accomplish this too!

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