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Meet Jody Friedman

For a long time, I was doing everything in my power to achieve
my dream of "making it" in the music industry.

In my mind, that meant being a live performing / touring artist, signed to a recording contract and it was a struggle. I had a job that I enjoyed, BUT I was never creatively fulfilled.

That all changed when I did my first music license. My first license was for a theme song on CNN's "Nancy Grace" and it earned $30,000 in royalties in one quarter!

Since that time, I have secured over $1.75 Million in license fees and over $500k in royalties and have become a skilled, established Music Licensing entrepreneur, with over 10,000 songs licensed for all sorts of media.  

I've found success as a Music Supervisor, Music Publisher, Record Producer, Songwriter, and Composer.

The real dream was having "CREATIVE FREEDOM" and "PASSIVE INCOME" doing what I love.  I've achieved just that and have made it my mission to help YOU do the same!


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